GDK Air Conditioning Services for London and the South East
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GDK have extensive experience of design, installation and maintenance of commercial air-conditioning.

Commercial Applications / Equipment

Large & small office buildings, shops, hair salons, Restaurants, Gyms, Warehouses, Computer Rooms and IT rooms etc.

Each application is looked at as an individual project and equipment selected on its needs and requirements and budgets available. With lower cost projects we may select a single split air conditioning system, which means one indoor unit to one outdoor unit. This will be achieved by selecting a number of options from the equipment available. For example wall mounted unit, under ceiling mounted unit, floor mounted unit, ducted concealed unit, 4-way blow ceiling mounted cassette, surface mounted 4-way blow ceiling mounted cassette. In some cases we may use more than one split system or we may use a multi split system which means up to five indoor units to one outdoor unit using a combination of indoor units. These are available as cooling only or heating and cooling systems.

Large Commercial Projects

With larger projects we may consider using larger multi-systems. This may be a VRV system, one outdoor unit serving up to sixteen indoor units, this may be designed using a combination of indoor units. This range can be offered as cooling only, or heating and cooling, or heat recovery (heat recovery allows you to heat and cool from the same outdoor unit giving heat to one indoor unit and giving cooling to another, this is done simultaneously). This range offers a large variation on controls e.g. individual control of each area, or individual control combined with centralised control. VRV can be connected to Building Management Systems for complete control. The VRV systems are modular and can be used as a single system or as a number of systems, this allows us to build a complete air conditioning design to offer the desired cooling and heating duty.